A Recent Gathering of Cousins

Since April 2017 a number of newly found Croft descendants that found each other through DNA testing have been meeting and sharing their discoveries.


I had been doing general research up until about 2009 when I came across a brick wall on my husband’s side and thought the best way to get around this was to collect all the examples of the name that I could. This led me to a Registering a One-Name study.

By the end of 2016 I had also been thinking about a similar problem I had in my own tree and with the popularity of DNA tests decided to take one and see if I could narrow down my elusive Great Grandfather. I also got my husband to take a test to see if that would help in finding his Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, that’s when it got interesting……………

He found a match, then another and another and another etc etc.

This project then evolved from my lonely one woman search into one that stretched across the world and resulted in a group of relative strangers sitting in Ask! Italian in Faversham Kent for 5 hours! Talking DNA and Family History.

I realised during one such lunch towards the end of November that what we were doing was turning into a One-Name study. So here we are.

This study is the result of this group of people working together to try and find the connection between these new-found cousins.

Any help / information gratefully received please contact croft@one-name.org


Benenden, Kent, UK

Believed to be the root of our own Croft connection. Our study starts here and we will be working our way outwards.